at last. .

yeah, at last. . after 1 freakin` week of being a couch potato at home, here's a blog update.

this abstract art is created 5 minutes ago by Me. an abstract representation of a random thought. Entangled Dreams

here it is:

more of these images soon.

An Expensive 'Trend'

i really hope this isn't going to be a trend

how the heck can you buy one of these?

costs at about your monthly allowance lol

Hand - Made Love

this picture shows a hand-made heart pillow as a school project.

Sleeping with Love.

hang out.

A picture of the Student's Park a.k.a. the West Lounge.

our gang's public hideout. lol

* this is really nice at night. I'll try to take a picture. promise.

Design Project Exhibit rocks!

yeah, this really rocks!

I really didn't knew that they could think and create of these such technical stuffs.

having the theme of " Computer Controlled Campus, " 5th year BS Computer Engineering students came up with these stuffs.

- Automated Library Shelf using Binary Language Encryption using Barcodes on ID Cards.

- A SMS - operated freedom bulletin board.

- A Biometrics - powered Door with interconnections in Lights and Aircon Power Supply.

- this is a... a... darn it, I don't know. maybe I'm not listening. . lol

- an automated lock using ID barcodes.

- bird's eye view of the exhibit grounds.

* nice projects. I really hope we can still stay on our course for us to create these technical projects.

* fingers crossed *

still life.

Photo Credit to: Angie_Chan070707 of DeviantArt

..memories of distant days come to life again. .

leaving childhood behind.

" Childhood dreams fade the moment you learn you can't save everybody everytime "

* Goodnight.

quoted lines from Red. * inspirational *

" You grow from experience.
some things are just not meant to work out, alam mo yun.
we can't expect everything that happens to us to work out the way we dream them to work out.
ang importante, may napupulot ka sa bawat nangyayari sayo.
kasi hindi tayo pwede lagi na lang nagiisip kung ano ang pwede nating baguhin sa nakaraan.
nakaraan na un diba? ang importante yung ngayon. ano na tayo ngayon.
yun lagi ko sinasabi sa kanya dati.
walang pagsubok na binibigay ang Diyos na hindi natin kayang lampasan."



" You grow from experience.
some things are just not meant to work out, you know that.
we can't expect everything that happens to us to work out the way we dream them to work out.
what's important is that you get something from your experience.
we couldn't always think of what are we going to change from the past.
past is past right? what's important is now. what are we now.
that's what i'm always telling her before.
there's no problem that God has given that we can't surpass. "

* very inspiring. a message of motivation.


another quotation from RedKinoko

" I don't buy my friends. I get them free out of cereal boxes.


quotation. .

" Always use your heart for its true purpose - pumping blood and nothing else.

- RedKinoko.

Love and Sacrifice.

Love and Sacrifice

True love should not be about sacrifices. Sacrifices are done with the knowledge of a purpose. You sacrifice for something, otherwise it's not sacrifice at all. You do it for that reason - regardless of your attitude towards it. And that reason given, you expect a better outcome. But what if, like most things in life, it doesn't work out the way it's intended? Disappointment comes along your way. Blame settles in and nobody will be walking out better for it.

Rather, love should be about gifts; Gifts you should give expecting nothing will be returned because of it. You dont expect a better outcome. The only way to not get disappointed in life is to not expect anything. If everything you give is with the knowledge that you shall not be repaid for it, you shall have no indebtments to remember, and your heart shall be lighter for it.

Because love is a continuous prayer we give to our endeared, uncertain of outcome and wavering on the chance of being unanswered. But we do so in good faith, not because it's a sacrifice we do, but it's a basic insinct for humans to give the gift of love, unconditional and blind.

All love in this world is one-sided - at least until it finds another love that can make it whole.

What do you think?

*thanks to redkinoko for this article

* this is not going to be plagiarism because I properly credited the writer's name on it.

a sign of dying love?

is this a sign of a dying love?

Is it going to end on this?

Can this be a sequel of my dying hope?

- Typecast's The Boston Drama


this is what i want for breakfast.

a love - filled breakfast. ♥



Autumn's Red Amber Leaf.

" When summer fades to silence
When winter's still a dream
And solemn sleep to you is blind again
Then Autumn comes with amber eyes. ."

goodnight. .

as the title says, goodnight.

a long goodnight kiss.

goodnight, cat.

* Goodnight everyone. Thanks for reading.

Credits to: spill_milk for the photo.

entry of the day.

A product of a classmate's exteme anger.

thank goodness he didn't get any sanction of destroying school properties lol

..a neighbor's brown labrador.

Honestly, the dog nearly bit me after I took this picture.

* sorry again for the low quality of pictures.

the reason why I can't find you..

'coz you we're up there hiding from me.

will there be a time we can be together?

* -- just ranting.

* Goodnight. thanks for the view.

a random poem to sleep with.

Midnight . peaceful.

* a nice poem. drives me to sleep.

Credits to: Mr. Reed for the sketch and poem


random things on my way home.

This afternoon, I was on my way home when I thought of taking pictures of things that I'm seeing everyday.

* way home. I really thought it's summer time but why are there leaves on the ground like autumn?

* few blocks from the picture above. still there are leaves on the ground.

* A sign of Autumn in Summer?

* A growing coconut tree in the neighborhood. a sign of sprouting life.

* Sorry for the LOW quality of my Phone's camera.

Scream Line.

Scream Line

* I really think it's really going to be a photojournalism site instead of a blog site.

* Goodnight Everyone.

The Ring.

yeah, The Ring.

We all know that Love is associated with Heart right?

and Love associated with Ring right?

then here's a proof that Heart is also associated with Ring.

Cumutative Property of Addition? LOL

another product of humor and stupidity.

yeah, you read it right. product of humor and stupidity.

ok, see for yourself.



aaahh. summer's really fast approaching.

getting hot lately eh? being thirsty all of a sudden?

well, it's not only us human who thirst from water.

here's a photo representation of summer's thirst.

cute eh?

* I think this site is all about Photojournalism and not blogging anymore. lol
* can you see the Doritos® ? lol

a couple's eternal love.

a photo representation for an eternal love.

I hope I can have these when my time is done.




yeah. I really LOL'd with this.

just before I logged out, I saw this picture and something hilarious just popped out on my mind..

aren't you going to laugh during the yuletide season with this?

this shouldn't be called English. but rather Engrish



* I'm really going to sleep this time. Goodnight.


random thought.

a picture representation for slumberland.

-- cuddly kittens on their way to Slumberland. how adorable.

but I can't go.. No.

I'll definitely won't go to Slumberland with this. .


Credits to: poisonedone & SubterfugeMalaises of DeviantArt.

* I'm off to Slumberland. Goodnight People.

Midnight Highway -- Daphne Loves Derby.

a random song that popped out from my mind.

Midnight Highway -- Daphne Loves Derby.

Your bitter goodbye is ringing through this quiet night,
This idle hour just wont pass
I've never missed you this much, never thought I would,
Didn't think you'd feel so far away
And your summer perfume is still blowing through this hallway,
Autumn's amber red shadows dance
I miss our midnight rides on highway 18, 18 is gone

And so go past the lights and all the excuses
You could have left "sincerely yours"
Don't you think it's obvious that I want to say more?
Cause anything too daring to say to you,
Will be said in this letter, then burned away
So you never realize, I'm here

I'm thinking of your vague reply
So I can understand
Why we put this at rest
Why we forget to
Say that we were leaving
And say that we were sorry
The past remains unspoken
As this vacant night is dying
But I still miss your summer perfume
This cold air brings in such a distance to us
Such a painful distance
And I'm still waiting for you to say you hate me now
So I don't have to, hold on to this burning heart
This burning heart is getting old, getting old
And while I'm sitting on this cold kitchen floor,
Head down to hide the tears,
I've realized
I've finally realized that you were never meant for me.

-- " And I'm still waiting for you to say you hate me now
So I don't have to, hold on to this burning heart.."

-- " I've finally realized that you were never meant for me.."

Durable Love

here's a photo representation of a " Durable Love. "


Sometimes, Batteries not included.  
Credits to: =crazy-bree of DeviantArt


..which contains the meaning and representation of the word Demise.

demise : /dɪˈmaɪz/ - [di-mahyz]

a. Death.
b. The end of existence or activity; termination
c. End.

I got here some image representations for Demise

- The demise of Love

- Cupid's Demise.

Photo Credits to: Almowali_Al7ur & MrMotts of DeviantArt.

random quotation to share.

Here's a random quotation to share:

" Qui multum probat nihil probat."

-- He who proves much proves nothing.


a random thought.

To start my blogging, this random thought just popped out on my mind.

- A service vehicle same as the Philippines' LBC Hari ng Padala or somewhat like carrying services from other countries. Just by looking by their name, I'll definitely think twice first before contracting with these guys. *laughs*



Hi there. *waves*

It's been half a year since my very last blog entry was posted. Too bad I can't remember my last blog. *sob*

I hope I can update this blog this time.

- for you, reading this very first blog entry, I really appreciate your time visiting my blog site. I hope you would read all my random stuffs here.

- Thanks for now.